So today I write about inspiration and just appreciating everything and everyone we have around us. Inspiration, I have realized is the one thing you can find in one blink of her eyes or never at all. It comes slowly and then suddenly all at once. It’s pure, it’s solemn, it’s calm and tumultuous at the same time. It just has its way of captivating you, and the stupidest thing to do would be not to give it the love and adoration it deserves.
This is where she steps in, with all her warmth and laughter and love and all embracing hug. Her smile, her dimples, her hair, her lips just blow me away to a better place. I no longer search but discover. I no longer yearn but miss. I am complete and at the same time empty.
It’s in this strive to achieve nirvana do I lose myself in her glance. And that’s all there is to it.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.


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A Fresh Beginning

It all starts with an urge to change, to improve, to become better.
I am going to document my thoughts in the hope that I will somehow find some meaning in the cacophony inside my head.
So here’s to nothing.
I partly am at one of those points in my life where I have to take very important decisions. I’m almost done with college and the only idea that I seem to have
about my future is what I’m not going to do. So that begs the question.
How do I go ahead?
It’s proving to be more difficult than I had initially imagined as my mi d wanders from space time theory to quantum mechanics,  from micro – economic models to human behaviour patterns, from European History to modern day international relations.
As you can see, I’m clearly not what one would call “clear headed”.
But I’ve never been a fan of public opinion, always pushing myself that extra bit, stretching the fabric of my imagination and capability, albeit only in my figment of the world.
That leads me to think.
How do you  choose what you want to do?
I know I have huge ambitions and aspirations and hopes and dreams like countless before me and I can’t bear to accept the fact that all my life will lead to nothing.
I think that really underlies my general notion of life and it’s significance.
To be truly remarkable, to stand out and seize the day,
If only I knew what I wanted to seize.
Oh, and this quote from Interstellar keeps playing in my head,
“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage,rage against the dying of the night”